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About Emma Carr

Emma Carr is an abstract artist from Birmingham, Alabama. She is a graduate at Mississippi State University, with a degree in Fine Art and a concentration in Graphic Design. Emma grew up in a very artistic family and has been creating ever since she was young. As she has grown older, she uses social media to sell her own art pieces all over the United States.


An Emma Carr original holds the tension between detail & abstract with interesting fashion. Her unique technique in layering color brings unexpected balance in the most beautiful array. She finds a way to tell the untold stories in a messy, yet somehow marvelous way. When you see the piece that belongs to you, you’re captivated by an element that somehow pursues you in & begs you to stay awhile. 

"I contribute much of my success in this area to my grandmother, who is a professional artist. I have memories as early as 2 years old, painting with her. I believe her patience, consistency, and talent was my launchpad into my own art career. As I have grown older, I have used social media to sell my own art pieces all over the United States."

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