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The Process:
The Hummingbird Collection

Here is a sneak peek into how I brought the hummingbird paintings to life! I've broken down the whole step-by-step process for each piece. From sketching the first strokes to the final details, these little creatures were a labor of love that demanded a lot of hours. I had such an amazing time creating my own unique process as I painted them. 




The first step: sketching out the bird. Now, here's the trick – I've discovered that going all out with a bright fluorescent pink allows for all those colors to really pop when I start painting. So, I take the pink and gently outline the bird I'm about to work on top of. My favorite fluorescent pink is by Golden Acrylics.


Block in the hummingbird

 It's time to block in those main colors right over that bright fluorescent pink. I usually start off with the big color zones, and honestly, I'm like to get a little loose with it – remember, perfection what were aiming for here. If you mess up, no worries, you can always go back and tweak things until they're just right!



Fill in the colors

Onto the best part: filling in that hummingbird and enhancing its beautiful features. This is where I like to focus on the details. I play around with bolder colors like greens and yellows to really make those feathers pop. Sometimes I even add in some extra colors that weren't originally there, just to give the whole piece some extra interest.


Add the final details

Time for those last-minute tweaks. I go back to the hummingbird one last time, using the background color to kind of frame it up and give it that polished look. Once that's finished, I put those final feather strokes in. Finally, the fluorescent pink makes a comeback – one last dip to touch up any spots I might have accidentally covered up. All done!

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